Bike 1.0 (26) Preview

Note: Turns out the previous release has a “Release Notes” bug where you’ll be notified of a new update… but the UI will say you have the current version and won’t show a download button. Next release should be a bit smoother… as long as I didn’t add a new bug this release!

  • Added Window > Float on Top
  • Added Find Panel and associated commands
  • Cleaned up release notes to match system fonts and light/dark mode
  • Stopped drawing guide lines for items with wrapped text and no children
  • Fixed “Release Notes” bug where old version would be reported as current in UI
  • Fixed handle drawing in dark mode

App is starting to feel a bit more real to me after this update. Finally have code in place to start adding extra UI. There is a find panel! It should generally work like system find panel … tell me where it still needs work. One bug that I’m aware of, but will live with for now, is that the find implementation won’t search across newline boundaries.

I think next up is to add text checking panel and related highlights (spelling, links, etc).


App is starting to feel a bit more real to me after this update

A central plank of daily work here now : -)

(The node ids are already proving invaluable, not only for some outline-based diagramming work, but also for the links to particular nodes).

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