Big Sur title bar so transparent it doesn't exist

I’m running 2 MacBooks (Pro and Air) with Big Sur 11.0.1. After the update, the most recent version of Taskpaper 3.8.11 has no title bar at all. Instead, text editing is possible from the very top of the window, and there is no way to “grab” the titlebar and move the window.

Behavior is identical on both Macs.

Is there any setting, visible or otherwise, that might remedy this issue?

I am seeing this as well.

Sorry about that… are you guys both using macOS App Store version? What is the exact app version number?

When I use direct download version I don’t see it:

But when I run from App Store I do… I maybe grabbed wrong file when uploading to the Mac App Store… that’s only think I can figure. Anyway pushing a new update as universal binary soon.


Version 3.8.11 (432) — yes, it is the Mac App Store version. Thanks Jesse!

Confirmed: mine is the Mac App Store version. Looking forward to a fix so I can move my windows again. Thanks!

The new version that fixes this should be available in the App Store now.


Thanks again Jesse! Much appreciated!

Yay! Thank you!