Better Navigation for large documents


I use one TP for all my tasks and projects. I’m finding navigation a problem. I have 50 items in my inbox and just over 40 projects. Trying to move an item from the inbox to a particular project is proving hard work.

I would really like the ability to drag a task to a project in the sidebar and for it to be added to that project. Is this possible? Or the possibility to right click a task and get a move to option.

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While we’re at it, Having a button like the tag button that would contain all the projects would also be useful. If I need to add another project 20 projects down, there is no way to get there except scrolling. The sidebar focus doesn’t help as it won’t let you add another project as a sibling above or below the focus.

Both the ability to drag and drop onto the project sidebar and a “Move To Project” command are on my list, just haven’t implemented them yet.

Hum… I see what you mean. I think the answer might be for me to implement “Reveal in Outline” (which is on my list). That command will cancel the current search and focused project and will scroll to the item that you previously had selected, only in the full outline.

So you would navigate to the project you were interested in using View > Go to Project (Command-L) and then choose Reveal in Outline. Then you could insert your project. It’s a little round about, maybe there’s a better option. At the same time I’m hesitant to add a whole new UI concept to scroll to a project instead of to focus on it. I guess in a normal text editor I would just go to home (since you always see everything in normal editor) and then do a normal text search to find the project. So there’s that option too.


Thanks Jesse! I think the button for tags, only for projects might be useful for navigating by project? If I remember it used to be in the iOS version.

The Hit List has a really interesting navigation feature on its sidebar. You can toggle the sidebar view between lists, which are like projects, and contexts/tags. I stopped using the program and went back to TaskPaper because I prefer the portability of text files, but this was a good feature for navigating a large number of tasks. The sidebar in TaskPaper 3 preview could contain something similar.

I think this is more a difference of how project focus is implemented. The sidebar is meant to replace that popup “projects” button from TaskPaper 2.0. In version 2.0 the “focus project” worked through a query which allowed you to add/remove projects above and below. In 3.0 it works as a “outliner hoist” which disallows that, but has other advantages… such as not requiring that subproject have lots of indentation before then when focused.

I plan to add an “option” click in sidebar to just scroll to the project instead of focus it. I think that will cover this case pretty well.

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Go to hear, that you’re working on a “move to project” for todos. I think that’s what I miss the most in this version of Taskpaper. Besides that it’s just a piece of absolute beauty.

This should be possible now as of the last few TaskPaper releases. Just focus the project that you want to insert near, and then insert a new project at the same level.