Behavior of cmd-K: selects previous space

When I am typing in Bike, I sometimes want to type cmd-K to begin formatting in a different style. For instance, if I am about to type a piece of inline code, I would type cmd-K c to proceed. The problem is that when I type cmd-K, Bike actually selects the previous space! So it will turn my whitespace into the chosen formatting, rather than just changing where my cursor is. Is this behavior intended? I noticed it is not consistent with the behavior of cmd-B for bolding, etc., which behaves in the way I want.

It’s somewhat intended, but maybe I should just remove that intention.

What it is trying to do is select the current word. Selecting the previous space in that case is probably a bug, but now that I think about maybe the whole idea of trying to be smart and change the selection is also more complicated than needed.

I think I will just remove that logic unless there’s a strong argument against it.

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Gotcha, thanks! So long as it doesn’t select the previous space, selecting the current word is not necessarily a bad idea (although I personally am fine if you drop this feature), but I can see that there are probably a lot of subtle edge cases in this logic to consider. For instance, if I have the text foo [] and my cursor is at the end and I hit cmd-K, the brackets and the space preceding them are selected. But this doesn’t happen if I have foo bar, etc.

Now that we have row-link-choosers via Cmd-Shift-K, this issue is becoming a bit more important. In general, I want to activate a formatting option (including linking) before I start typing the words I want to be formatted. The desired behavior is: I activate the formatting option, then I start typing, and then I press the ‘right’ arrow to get out of the formatted span. The current behavior requires an immense amount of mouse intervention, or, keyboard-back-selecting after the fact in order to apply formatting, which is not as seamless as one would like.

Right… I’ll get this change in today.

Also, Cmd-Shift-K might have to change to Cmd-Opt-K. I just realized that previously I had Cmd-Shift-K mapped to Outline > Delete Rows.


Can confirm this is fixed now. Thanks!!!

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