I am starting to use dates now. In the following,

// Changes the tag’s text of the tag “@date”.
run[tag=data-date] {
text-strikethrough- color: mix(black, white, 60%);

The date is actually @date(2017-09-20). So using the strict rule

run[tag=data-date] {

… wont work. I am trying to get this to work because the default tag text is a little too small and too dark to read easily in my DarkTheme. I just wanted to lighten it and bump it up a couple of font sizes. I tried using beginswith as in

run[tag=data-beginswith-date] {

I got no results. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.


I’m not sure I follow everything you are trying for, but if you want to target a specific tag the begins with a particular value value you can do it like this:

run[tag=data-date][tagvalue^=2017] {
	background-color: green;


Thanks, I will try that. What does the up facing carrot mean? “tagvalue^=2017” Greater than or equal to would be >= ?

This works great in your example on the dark theme:

// Changes the tag's text of the tag "@date".
	run[tag=data-date] {
	color: mix(black, white, 40%);
	font-size: 18;

run[tag=data-date][tagvalue^=2017] {
	color: mix(black, white, 10%);


If only it were that simple :slight_smile:

I’m taking the syntax from CSS Attribute selectors ( I’m not really sure why they used that syntax, but in the context of attribute selectors ^= means begins with.


Thanks Jesse.