Basic questions about folding

In the Welcome section, I find: - To fold/unfold an item click the dot to the left of the item.
Is this the same “folding” that this section is about?
Problem is, I don’t see a dot to the left of any items…

At Fold, Focus, & Filter · TaskPaper User's Guide I find:


Expand and collapse items to control the level of detail that you see.

  • Click an item’s handle to expand/collapse its sub-list.
  • Use View > Expand Items (Command-0) to expand items.
  • Use View > Collapse Items (Command-9) to collapse items.

Is this folding the same as the other? In my version (Mac) the View menu doesn’t have these items…

I’m not new to TaskPaper, but I haven’t used many features so far, and now that I’m trying, I’m having trouble…


Hi, I’m moving this to TaskPaper part of forum (it was posted in FoldingText part of forum)

Yes, it’s the same “folding”. I think what might be happening is that the “do to the left of the item” only shows up when an item is foldable. And item is only foldable when it has child items. I think the items that you are looking to fold don’t have any child items tab indented under them.

Have you watched the tutorial screencasts? I recommend watching the first one “Getting Started with TaskPaper” especially, it shows exactly how folding works and how the bullets go away when an item isn’t foldable.

Oops, I moved those items to the “Outline” menu and didn’t update the documentation. I’ve just fixed that now.