Basic Markdown styling


italic and/or bold would be useful for the occasions when I need to highlight a phrase (or filename etc.) in a task.

Can this be accomplished through themes? If not, please consider this a feature request.


I don’t think, but my workaround is to use @key modifier as @key can be themed to colorize, underline, the text before…@filename @important.
For filename i use a lot url (finder, devonthinkpro, dropbox) and I theme url in taskpaper so that they appear in a colored way depending of the app x-devonthink-item://,http://, etc…

Some themed link :

run[link^="omnifocus"], run[link^="x-devonthink"] { color: #6600cc ; } run[link^="mailto"] { color: #0066ff ; } run[link^="http"]{ color: #0066ff ; }

Some themed tag (@context(Delegated/Waiting)):

item[data-context] { run[tag]{ color: #6600CC; } run[tagvalue="Delegated"], > run[tagvalue="delegated"] { color: #FF00FF; } run[tagvalue="Waiting"], > run[tagvalue="waiting"] { color: #FF00FF; } }


It can’t, but it’s already on my list of future features/ideas. I’ve not worked on it yet and have no idea when/if I’ll add it, but it’s a feature that I’d like too.




Also basic Markdown link handling to hide the URL would be a huge help in de-cluttering my TP files.