Basic Markdown styling

italic and/or bold would be useful for the occasions when I need to highlight a phrase (or filename etc.) in a task.

Can this be accomplished through themes? If not, please consider this a feature request.

I don’t think, but my workaround is to use @key modifier as @key can be themed to colorize, underline, the text before…@filename @important.
For filename i use a lot url (finder, devonthinkpro, dropbox) and I theme url in taskpaper so that they appear in a colored way depending of the app x-devonthink-item://,http://, etc…

Some themed link :

run[link^="omnifocus"], run[link^="x-devonthink"] { color: #6600cc ; } run[link^="mailto"] { color: #0066ff ; } run[link^="http"]{ color: #0066ff ; }

Some themed tag (@context(Delegated/Waiting)):

item[data-context] { run[tag]{ color: #6600CC; } run[tagvalue="Delegated"], > run[tagvalue="delegated"] { color: #FF00FF; } run[tagvalue="Waiting"], > run[tagvalue="waiting"] { color: #FF00FF; } }

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It can’t, but it’s already on my list of future features/ideas. I’ve not worked on it yet and have no idea when/if I’ll add it, but it’s a feature that I’d like too.



Also basic Markdown link handling to hide the URL would be a huge help in de-cluttering my TP files.


count me in. I’d like to be able to paste a link from another app (Hook) and for it to show up as Markdown link or a RTF formatted link in TaskPaper. Either way, it’s name and address fields would be set in the document in which the paste happens.

For example, here I am writing in discourse. I invoke Hook, and select “Copy Link”. I paste, and I get
[Basic Markdown styling - TaskPaper - Hog Bay Software Support]( which shows as Basic Markdown styling - TaskPaper - Hog Bay Software Support.

hmm… I see that wouldn’t be consistent with the way TaskPaper works.

And as for creating the markdown links , well I guess I can simply get in the habit of using Hook’s Copy Markdown Link function to get a markdown link to paste into TaskPaper as I do for plain text editors like BBEdit.

In exactly the same position here now when it comes to tasks for reading articles. My current work around is that the task has the article name and a child note the URL. Would be great to be able to have a simple markdown link here instead


- Read: An amazing article about stuff


- Read: [An amazing article about stuff](

There is a Keyboard Maestro macro which copies things in Markdown Link format from a variety of browsers and other applications:

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Very cool - still wishing for better link support in TP though