Backticks need escaping for ⌘⇧R evaluation?

Possibly by design, and scripting is probably a topic for later anyway, but just in case, I notice that to automatically generate a child node which combines a text with an evaluation – for example any of these three patterns:

Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 16.35.25

  • we don’t need to escape single or double quotes,
  • but we do seem to need an escape for JavaScript’s useful template literal backtick format. (Third example above).

I think this is all just javascript weirdness (flexibility!) … I don’t think I’m doing any processing before sending the text to Javascript for evaluation.

I think you know, but for others reading, the goal is to eventually build Bike’s scripting support off JavaScript. This particular “Run Script” feature isn’t the end goal, it’s just to test some basic infrastructure of managing different JavaScript contexts etc. Right now it’s a maybe fun toy, but it’s intended to be more when I get to fully implementing scripting.

The one thing you can do this unique to bike is… wait for it…


And you should get “1.0 Preview” :slight_smile:

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