are they working bicycling? :innocent:

Alas, I’m too old and slow to understand the question :slight_smile:

If there is one, could you unpack it a bit ?

( Hyperlinks into, out of, and within Bike documents all working well here, if that’s the topic : -)

I was joking with the name of the software…
backlinks are the ones normally in [[ ]] in various wiki…
Am I too young to explain it you, our guru?

Got it :slight_smile: For some reason this old grey-beard thinks of those as wiki-style links – I must expand my vocabulary in English.

that clear, are they existing or not (in a near future…)?

They don’t exist yet.

Bike does have ID based links. I see them as the foundation for links in Bike. They are nice because they are standard URLs and ID based. They can be used from apps external to Bike and they won’t break when items are moved or renamed.

At the same time right now they are ugly:


So working toward a final link solution, first I would like to implement basic rich text editing in Bike. At the moment I see that as bold, italic, and link, though once the basic mechanism for tracking rich text ranges is in place it shouldn’t be hard to add new rich text types.

With rich text in place Bike links will become nicer since you’ll be able to hide the above ugly looking link behind a range of text that you choose.

Once that’s in place then I think we can look into making them easier to create. So for example an interaction that makes it each to find existing item to link to, or makes it easy to create an item when the link is first activated.

Does that make sense, seem reasonable?


it is reasonable, ok
but… will bike links work when read by another application, eg on iOs?

That sounds more like another operating system than ‘another application’ :slight_smile:

Any macOS app that can process local hyperlinks should be able to process Bike links. See under custom url scheme.

( Access to our local files via http protocols from another system is, very fortunately, only possible if we run a server. )

Actually it was exactly Jesse that suggested using another software opml compatible to interact with Bike on mobile…

Not without specific support (same for wiki style links, or really any link I can imagine).

That support would be relatively strait forward to add since it’s all based on HTML standards, but still the any apps wanting to work with bike links will need to check for that link type.