Auto outdent drives me crazy

I wish Bike wouldn’t automatically outdent my rows while I’m moving them around. It sometimes leads to frustrating big jumps around my document and I then have to pause and think about how to make Bike move things right where I want them. It takes away from the fluidity I otherwise feel when working in the app.

Could you help us a bit to visualize what you are describing ?

This is in outline mode – (toggled with Esc and creating a green row cursor) ?

A brief screen recording, perhaps ?

( I’m personally finding that when I move lines up and down with ⌘^↑ and ⌘^↓,
the indent level remains constant. )

(And when moving blocks in outline mode, if I keep ⌘^ held down while I use and ,
I can also use left and right arrows (still modified by ⌘^) to guide and fine tune indentation)

I do, notice, however, that indentation level is held steadier (during ⌘^↑ and ⌘^↓ moves) when a block of lines is selected by a plain editing mode extended selection, than when it is selected in (green) outline mode.

Expand disclosure triangle to view editing-mode block moves

Play button (triangle) at bottom right:


Here’s a vid. Thanks for calling out that moving in outline mode is causing this. Why wouldn’t both modes work the same? I would expect the behavior to always reflect what you show in plain editing mode as I never want Bike to auto outdent.

(Sorry for the zip. Not sure how to convert mov to gif.)

Screen Recording 2022-08-30 at (255.8 KB)

This is just fundamental design of Bike, the purpose of having the two modes is so that they can work differently … otherwise no need for the two modes.

Generally the idea is:

  1. Text editing mode should work like a standard text editor
  2. Outline mode should work like a standard outline editor

Or put another way text mode works on independent lines of text, while outline model works on full outline structures. So when in outline mode the selected row and all subrows will always be moved together. If there was no auto-indent moving rows would become very painful.

For example in your video the first move is to move “Test 3” down. If it wasn’t auto-indented then after that first move “Test 3” would become parent of “Test 5-6”… and then when you moved “Test 3” up it would take those child rows with it, so it would gather rows as you moved it.

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Oh, I understand now. Thanks!