Assign tag to a question

I take a lot of notes with TP. During the process, some questions need to follow up arise, a number of to-do items got recorded also along the way. I am looking for a way to highlight questions so they stand out and I can follow and resolve them quickly.

I am looking for a way to add a tag, for example @q to the Task if the text of the task end with a β€˜?’. Any pointer would be appreciated.

TaskPaper won’t do this sort of thing automatically, I think your two options are:

  1. Add the @q tags manually.
  2. Write a script to search through items that end with β€œ?” and add a a @q tag
  3. Or maybe best is to just create a saved search that will search for ? at the end of each item. For example endswith ?
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Saved search for item end with ? sound like a good way to go.