Assign different indent value to different levels

I’m trying to tweak a stylesheet and cannot find a way to do what I want.

I’m running into two issues.

First, I cannot figure out how to set the value of item-indent-level so that the dash of a sub-task is left aligned with the text of the parent task. I can set it manually to, say, 30px, but of course the alignment will break if I change the font size. I tried setting it to the same value of item-handle-size but that didn’t seem to help.

Second, I would like the dash for each task inside a project to be left aligned with the text of their enclosing project. (I suspect this cannot be done, because elsewhere I read that “indent per level is a global property”. So, if I want tasks inside a top level project (say) to have their handle left aligned with the text, I won’t be able to have the handle of sub-tasks of level 1 tasks without a project to be left-aligned with the text of their parent task. Still, I thought I’d check.)