Archiving with Note



I archived some completed tasks and I noticed that only tasks get moved to archived section without their notes.

Notes remain where they were.

I think notes should move along with the tasks.

Can I do this?

This is the only reason I’m not buying the license yet.



Weird. It does work well with al the tests I tried. Are you running version 168? Maybe you are trying to archive the parent’s note instead of the task’s one. Let me explain


  • Task

In this case, the note is not the task’s note but the project’s. If you want to save add a task’s note, just add the note underneath the task.



I indented the notes wrong!

I used control+command+return key to make a note and it was the project level note as you said.

Adding a tab space before the note solved my issue.


(1tab)- Task
(2 tabs) Note -> this is the task’s note
(1 tab)Note -> This is the project’s note, right?

Thank you for the tip!