Archived @today tasks

I just updated to the latest beta of taskpaper and my @today tasks are now appearing orange. I know this behavior can be modified in the user.less file, but when the task are given an @done tag is there a way to no longer have them appear orange. Trying to find a way to not have my archive filled with completed tasks that are orange.


Sorry for being late on this. Started a long reply, but got confused in the answer and so gave up.

In that first release the orange was in there as a demo and I added the rule for that at the end of the file, made it a little messy explain how to do what you wanted. Instead try this:

  1. Download latest TaskPaper 3 preview.
  2. Delete your existing user.less file.
  3. Start or restart TaskPaper 3 preview to create a new “fresh” user.less.

In this latest version I took out that “orange” rule. I think to get the behavior that you want you can edit the data-done rule to look like this:

item[data-today] {
    color: orange;

item[data-done] {
  color: @text-color;
  > run[display] {
    text-strikethrough: NSUnderlineStyleSingle;
    text-strikethrough-color: @text-color;

That is insert a new item[data-today] rule before it to set text orange when @today is present. And then update the existing item[data-done] rule to reset the color to @text-color.

Thank you for this!

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