Apply the most recent stylesheet for each file

Would it be possible that each taskpaper file remembers its own recent stylesheet and reuses the stylesheet when it opens? I am maintaining three taskpaper files, and each of them needs a unique stylesheet designed for its purpose. The problem is, whenever I open one of them, it just is drawn using the most recent stylesheet, which is usually designed for other taskpaper file. Would it be possible to make Taskpaper smart to remember the recent stylesheet used for each file?


Certainly possible going forward, but it’s another chunk of work that will require time to implement. I don’t expect to add such a feature to TaskPaper 3, but it might make it into TaskPaper 4 when that development starts up.

Appreciate if you can capture it as a feature of version 4. Thanks.

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I just discovered the same problem so, please count my vote too. Selecting a stylesheet in TaskPaper does not appear to stay attached to a TP document. I was just experimenting with replacing my nvAlt document that I use for general note keeping. It is side by side on my screen with my daily TP Task managing page. Naturally I have tweaked the background a bit to separate the two visually. But as the OP said, once I do that, the next time I open my daily task manager TP document, it uses the stylesheet I assigned the other one the last time.

If Jessie isn’t focusing on this until much later then I plan to build in selecting the theme from the window menu using my Keyboard Maestro macro.