Another license thread - free unlicensed mode?

I was trying to figure out the differences between the Mac App Store license, vs the website license.
I came to the forum to find clarity about the “free unlicensed mode”, on the App Store version, as in:
“When the subscription expires Bike will continue to work in free unlicensed mode”

What features are/aren’t included in “free unlicensed mode”?

But further to that, I found this thread Charging for Bike and love that you’re wrestling with a better payment model than what the App Store offers. I think that topic should be pinned, or better yet, summarise the key thoughts and add them to licensing info on the website. In particular that there’s two options because you’re trying to do better for both users and yourself as a developer. I think that’s attractive and could drive some sales.

Bike’s homepage has a “License” section (maybe a little hidden, toward end of page) with is the official updated version of Bike licensing and what is included and not:

At some point I need to update that page. Originally it was design to make the few 1.0 features fill a page. Now there are lots of features, I need to change the design so the page isn’t so long.

Ah damn, the answer was literally in the paragraph above where I was looking :rofl: My issue, sorry :sweat_smile:

My other comments about the thought process behind the payment model still stand :+1:

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