Animation on text changes

Hey folks, firstly, I really like the simplicity/utility of Bike - kudos to the developers!

I have a question: I don’t mind animation in general, but animating the text changes/cursor movements as I edit the text is a bit annoying - yeah it looks cool, but it’s still annoying/does not bring any good into my workflow. Bike is the only application that I use, that has this effect and I can not get used to it. Is there a chance to turn off the animation?


Yes, if you go into Bike > Preferences > Editor you will see two animations options. Uncheck “Enable Animations” to turn off all animations. Uncheck “Enable Typing Animations” to only stop the text animations that I think you are talking about.

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Perfect! It looks like probably I accidentally enabled them and then forgot about it. Thanks a lot!

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