An idea of drag drop to indented row

If I have some rows that I want to stuff into other rows for “quick sorting”, It feels little clunky at the moment. When the list is long, I have to expand collapse the list one by one. Because I can only drag drop to the top or bottom of a row.

What about an operation like this?

When I drag drop a row to the handle :arrow_forward: area of the target row, it becomes the Indented Row of that row.

Does it sound make sense?

It does, nice idea!

I wanted to avoid the macOS standard drag interaction for drop above, into, and below because it always feels to finicky to me, so that’s why I only support below and above … but drop to handle is a nice strait forward solution for drop into. I like it.

I also have some other work to do on drag and drop to make it feel a bit more stable, I’m going to add this note to that and will do it all at same time.