Am i missing something with Saved Searchs?

Long time user, but actually pretty basic user. I have a set of Searches for my use, but I also have a very long, multilayer TP document. One document for all.

So my saved searches are way at the bottom. I would like a toolbar to show 4-5 of my common searches but I don’t think we have that. So for me, I scroll a lot or collapse my outline.

Kind of the same thing with Tags. I’d like a separate tag column (at least when i am on a big monitor).

Am i missing something obvious?


You might have better luck if you navigate using the Palette menu options? They present the same lists as shown in the sidebar, but filter those lists as you type. Generally they are a faster way to navigate I think.

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Thanks for quick reply!

Do you mean using the keyboard shortcut to bring up Saved Searches? (vs moving the mouse to the Pallette menu choice)?

⌃-⌘-P, then use the down arrow key to select, then the Enter or Return key to execute.

This is a pretty quick way to so a saved search, without using a Keyboard Maestro macro/JavaScript.

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I will try to train myself! :wink:

I have a limit of about 10 keyboard commands my brain can hold across all programs! LOL!

Consider this a feature request:

  • Option tool bar that can be toggled on and off
  • on the Edit Saved Search box, have a check mark for inclusion on said tool bar