After upgrading, could Bike restore each window to the macOS Space it was on previously?

Hello! Thanks again for the great software. I have a somewhat low priority feature request—after Bike upgrades, could it restore each window to the macOS Space it was previously on? Currently Bike remembers the old positions of windows, but it puts all of the windows onto the currently active space. This keeps me from upgrading when I otherwise would because it’s annoying to have to move each window to its appropriate space—normally I keep one copy of Bike for my consulting work in one space, my other work in another space, etc.

I saw these older threads but they aren’t quite the same:

Thank you!

Ah bummer, sounds like it requires a private API. I understand why you would prefer not to support it then. Firefox somehow does this, but I’m not sure how—I couldn’t find any references on SearchFox, e.g. Search - mozsearch.