Adjust the font size of printed output?

Is it possible to adjust the font size of printed output? Personally, it is currently just too large, especially when I generate a task list of a project that prints beyond a few of pages.

When you print it uses the font size in your document as it’s displayed. You can pretty quickly get a smaller size by View > Zoom Out a few times before you print. Then View > Actual Size to get back to the default size.

Same issue. Printing much too large, and I don’t see how to reduce the print font.

I tried selecting the entire text - but again, no way to shrink anything.

View does not have “Zoom In/Zoom Out” as options.

I do see Window > Zoom, but that does not help.

Any pointers appreciated. Thanks.

View does not have “Zoom In/Zoom Out” as options.

I wonder which version you are running ?

Here I have:

You’re right. I figured out I needed TP3, which I purchased from the App Store with pleasure.


is the @media print directive supported when printing? If not, this would be a way to support individual styles for printed output in TaskPaper.


It isn’t. But since this thread originated TaskPaper now allows you to select a different stylesheet to use when printing. The option is in the print sheet.

this is even better. Thank you for the quick response.