Adding tags inline

Hi Jesse

I’ve recently come back to Taskpaper and am loving all the refinements you’ve added that making editing so much easier and more intuitive.

One suggestion I have relates to using Cmd-T to add tags. This is a great feature. However, it assumes that one wants all tags to be at the end of the line, so it positions the cursor before the added tag. I find that I use a lot of tags inline as virtual cross references, so it would be good to save the extra keystroke to move the cursor back to after the tag. Is that maybe a setting that could be added to allow the user to choose?

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I understand that part, yes TaskPaper adds tags at end of line when using Command-T

But I don’t understand this part… I “think” it’s the case that the cursor position is maintained when adding a tag with Command-T … the tag should be added/removed but the selection should remain stable.

Can you give a simple example of what you would like to happen vrs what actually happens. Thanks!

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The cursor doesn’t go to the end of the line (including the added tag). It stays where it was, but that is before the added tag. I would like it to be after the tag in the same way as any other added text. I have done a screen recording if that would be helpful.
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Actually, I understand your question better now. It adds the tag at the end regardless of where the cursor is in the line, and then maintains the cursor position. What I’m asking for is an option to have the tag added immediately after where the cursor is, with the cursor moved to the end of the inserted tag.

For that case can you just use the autocomplete provided when you type @? I think it ends up being pretty close to the same keystrokes:

Command-T vrs typing @

I don’t want to add a new menu item or preference for this. If the above doesn’t work maybe I’ll make it so that if you invoke with Option-Command-T then it will insert at cursor position.

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You’re right, but Cmd-T gives much more flexibility in how you type the tag, especially case-insensitive. See the discussion at Case sensitivity in searches and autocomplete of tags , where I see that I raised this before.
Option-Command-T with the alternative would be fine from my point of view as a way to implement the alternative behaviour.