Adding prefix content to tagged items using styles

I’d like to add a character to mark Done items. I’d like to do that using styles. I’ve set up a style for item[data-done] and it works fine for setting font characteristics and such. Is there any way in the style sheet spec that will let me add content to an item. For example

Here’s an item

changes to this when the @done tag is added:

  • Here’s an item @done

Sorry there isn’t. If you wanted to get really tricky you could change existing characters by creating a custom font… and apply that font based on the @done tag. For example you could change the leading dash to a completed checkbox.

Ok. Thanks much. Then I guess this is another vote for an option to replace dashes in tasks with checkboxes as in the earliest betas, or more generally to choose which character marks tasks. Could be a view option, rather than in the file.