Adding document to window as new tab

This maybe a simple universal thing but how do I add a document to an existing window without using “merge all windows”. Ive tried dragging it but it doesn’t work. Maybe its not possible?

You need to open the document into its own window (so you have both the original window and new document window open at once) and then use “Merge All Windows”.

The latest preview release changes things around a bit:

You can now use Option-Command-N to add a new document as a tab. To open a new view on an existing document to use Window > Duplicate Tab

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I seem to periodically look up how to get a specific file into a new tab, and end up re-discovering this thread, and being reminded of the Merge All Windows menu item.

It does figure in Apple’s macOS documentation Manage app windows on Mac - Apple, but I notice that searching directly for the keyword Merge draws a blank, today (2023-08-19), in the Bike documentation at:

and searching for Tab in the Bike Guide doesn’t seem to show an automatic hit for a paragraph mentioning Merge all windows

Possibly worth adding an entry or index tweak in the Bike docs somewhere to ease that search ?

Good idea, I’ve added some related notes in the Using Windows section.

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