Adding @ at beginning of word without triggering task dialog

When I want to add @ at the beginning of a word, it triggers the task dialog and adds my very first tag to the word:

  • This is an important example

Now I want to make important a tag

  • This is an cursorimportant example

Type @

  • This is an @YourVeryFirstTagimportant example (adds first tag and displays dialog).

Is the dialog in this situation really necessary? It confuses me every time :slight_smile:

I agree, seems odd. I’ll look into a fix.

One thing related to the tag input… If you add a tag and want to go back with CMD+Z, it removes one character at a time from the tag at the same time as trying to rewrite the tag or another one. So, instead of removing everything like a normal word, it takes many CMD+Z keystroke.

Maybe a simple fix could be to only expand the tag if the user press the down arrow to select the first tag in the popup so TaskPaper doesn’t always try to add one (I mean, the first tag in the popup is not selected by default, so not expanded, but if the user press the down-arrow to select it, now it will be expanded) ?

That might work, I’m not sure. Right now I’m trying to get some other stuff done, so haven’t though much about this yet.

Yes, take your time, I was just sending idea. I’m sure you’ll make it great and it’s not like a bug that prevent from working with the app

I think this is now fixed in the latest preview release:

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Thanks for fixing this, Jesse. I often have words that I want to turn into a tag by prepending @, so it was getting on my nerves. I never got around to requesting a fix so thanks to you too, CME.

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