Add "Import and Complete Reminders" option

Currently, TaskPaper can update reminders with:

  • Export To Reminders
  • Export Copy To Reminders
  • Import From Reminders

However, if I import a repeating reminder with “Import From Reminders”, the reminder is deleted so it will never repeat. I can hack around this by 1) completing the reminder to trigger the repeat, 2) importing the completed reminder, then 3) removing @done from the imported task.

Have you considered adding “Import and Complete Reminders” or “Import Copy From Reminders” to better support this use case?

Sorry for delayed response. Been deep into another project. And then spent last few days updating TaskPaper for Mojave. Just got it all compiling again.

In the current design when you “Import From Reminders” you are supposed to be warned if the reminder has logic (such as recurrences) that will be lost on import into TaskPaper. The dialogue looks like this:

Some reminders were not fully imported

Reminders with location based alarms (or recurrence rules) cannot be fully imported. Would you like “Keep” or “Remove” these reminders in

                                        (Remove)  (Keep)

Unfortunately I just found a big that was causing this to not show up, so even if reminders could not be fully imported, they were still removed from Reminders app. I’ve fixed that bug for the next release. So in the future (if you weren’t seeing that dialogue when importing your recurring you should).

I don’t think that I want to add an “Import and Complete Reminders” option. I think it’s too specific, I guess if you really wanted something like that I would suggest AppleScripting a solution.

“Import Copy From Reminders” makes some sense to me. I don’t remember why I didn’t add that to start with… I think generally I don’t like the idea of copying reminders… because then they are in two places at once, out of sync, and so likely to get out of date. But I guess with recurrences it makes some sense. And I added Export Copies for some reason…

So I’ll look into adding “Import Copy From Reminders” for the next release.

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