Add hotkey to move selected line + all subnotes/subtasks up & down

Currently there are actions that take currently selected task/note up/down as well as left/right.

I wish there were two more actions that would move the entire block of tasks/notes up & down. That is if there is a project that looks like this:


Where cursor is placed on another sub note. I wish there was ‘Move Block Up’ hotkey that if activated in above context would do this:


I was looking for this too! currently i collapse the node and then drag it. Sometimes when the node is open I end up moving just one item and I have to sort everything out.


I agree that a native solution would be best. I am also sure that JavaScrip can do this. Until we have either of those, here are two efficient ways to do what you want just with the keyboard (no mousing or dragging involved):

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It should be that anytime you drag an item by it’s handle it will bring along all dependent items. This is not the case when you use keyboard shortcuts to move item up/down, but dragging by handle should always do this. If it doesn’t it’s a bug case that I’d like to know about.

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Dragging by handle works. However my workflow is fully keyboard centric.

I would love if this action would be supported not only through mouse but through keyboard.

Thank you.