Add ability to quickly create a project from `Go To Project` search

Searching through projects is my most common action in TaskPaper. However there is one thing I wish you could do and that is ability to create new projects from this search.

I know there is a way to quickly create a project with JavaScript:


However for me, I want to first search through projects I already have in case the project I want to make already exists.

It would be awesome if TaskPaper allowed a fallback result in the Project Searcher menu. So if I make a query like this and there are no existing projects:


I can press return and create this project instantly and Focus In on it. It would also be nice to provide this fallback new project from query on all results so if I get some matching projects:

I can still create a new project from my query easily. I would really appreciate having this feature added as right now I feel lots of friction in working with projects due to it.

Thank you.

You could probably script your own combined find-or-create dialog – might give you more flexibility and control as your workflow evolves.

I do think something like this would be useful, a UI where you can search and create in a the same text box. But I don’t expect to add this in TaskPaper 3. It needs more thought then I have time to give it right now. Maybe TaskPaper 4 someday.

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