⌘ A = select row?

Absolutely love Bike Outliner. One thing I prefer about OmniOutliner still is that command A selects the row, not the whole document. Could this be a setting, better yet, could we choose key bindings for both types of select All?

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There is Edit > Selection > Select Paragraph (Command-Shift-L). Also, depending on your needs, there is “outline mode” where selection is always full row. Use Escape to toggle in/out of outline mode.

I routinely strike the escape key to select a row.


One solution I have seen in other apps is to have command-A select the row, and then press it again to select everything


Oof, that would drive me crazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As a longtime Mac user, ⌘A means “select all” unambiguously, and that meaning shouldn’t change on repeat. Since a Bike doc essentially feels like (is?) a text document, the current behavior of literally selecting all seems exactly right to me.
(Keyboard Maestro makes it a snap to change your keybindings!)

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I think generally Bike’s default behavior will stay as it is now.

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