What's missing in TaskPaper 3 Preview?

Thanks. I did find it confusing having “Home” (which wasn’t clickable) as I kept thinking of it as my “Home todo list” (as opposed to “Work”)

I miss the Projects toolbar item in TaskPaper 2, which made it easy for me to navigate projects without using a sidebar. Seems like this might still be good at least as an optional toolbar item, even if it isn’t in the default set.

I can’t drag items from page to projects in the sidebar

Evaluating TP3. W/o the capability to link / drag&drop emails, notes, webpages etc it’s just a lone text file. And look like TP2 lost this capability too.

I think TaskPaper 3 has all the same linking capabilities (plus some) compared to TaskPaper 2. It automatically links urls and absolute and relative file paths.

Try to drag & drop emails to TP3. If there is a different best practice (e.g. script) I am eager to learn.

Perhaps drag drop needs to use a different part of the clipboard for dragging from Mail ?

In the meanwhile, you could attach a keystroke to a script:

Ah, thanks I didn’t realize that wasn’t working. Fixed for next release.

Since I use Markdown editors for writing, an additional level of emphasis would be nice. Like a ### level. Thanks!

Any more consideration given to being able to rename “Home” in the sidebar. I would like to have my actual home tasks under a project called Home. Having duplicate "Home"s makes keyboard navigation difficult. I can of course use an alternate project name for my Home tasks, but this seems counterintuitive.

It seems odd that a very common project/area name in many people’s task list would be reserved for some other purpose.

I will try to do something about this when I get a chance.

I think I’m onboard with the idea of using the document filename as the label. But if that doesn’t work out for some reason I expect I can at least offer a theme override option.

Uh, Quick Entry was my single favorite feature of TaskPaper.

I “upgraded” to support Jesse - now I need to scrounge through my trash to find the old app. Beyond disappointing.

Various forms of Quick Entry here:

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