What version of OS X does TaskPaper 3 Preview require?


Update TaskPaper 3 Preview (158 and above) now runs on OS X 10.10 and OS X 10.11. I don’t expect to support any version prior to 10.10.

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So it uses OS X 10.11 features? What happens if I try to run it on 10.10? I’m planning to be one of your first users, but don’t plan to upgrade for about another month.


I think right now it won’t launch on 10.10 because I’ve indicated that 10.11 is required in the Info.plist. I will change the requirement pretty soon, just need to do some testing. The 10.11 features that it uses are related to the split view, OS X now has a standard way of handling sidebars and related animations. It’s fairly easy to get it to work on 10.10, just won’t have same animations.


I can not purchase this because I have not and will not upgrade to 10.11 until at least 10.11.2. Currently running 10.10.5.


I do expect to back port to 10.10 before the final release. Also if you do want to purchase now while still in preview pricing you can directly on the website without downloading the app.


Great. Purchased TaskPaper 3. I hope you can do a back port soon (unless 10.11.2 is released sooner).


Happy to know it will work on 10.10. I just downloaded the demo, and it does not work under 10.10.5. Unfortunately, I’m one of those privileged who will not be able to upgrade, due to compatibility issues with other software I use for work.


I see I’m replying to a year old discussion. Does this mean that TP will not work on OS X 10.10?

Jesse: since you spoke about minor issues on 10.10, maybe you can release it as “unsupported”, but still working?



Sorry I’m not going to support 10.10. At this stage of development (when I’m very actively working on the app) it’s just too hard to support more then current and previous version. I’ve only got two computers to test on. I keep one at current macOS and one at previous.

But you can use TaskPaper 3.3 (still very new, related in July) until you have a chance to upgrade: https://www.taskpaper.com/releases/


Jesse, if it is only for beta testing the various builds, please count on me. I would be happy even with a “non-officially supported” version of TP for Yosemite.