Using TP 3 as a diary. A question:

Using TP 3, what would be the best way to do the following:

Scenario: I would like to use TP 3 as a work diary, applying a timestamp, and then jotting down thoughts ideas about a project, say #Project1. Then I create a new paragraph, apply a timestamp, and start riffing on Project2. If I continue to do this throughout the day, I’ll have a running diary of my work, with each project tagged for reference.

Now, at the end of the week, if I only want to see all the work I did on Project1, can I pull that information together in one document? Or if I click on #Project1, it will also pull in all the other projects because they’re in the same document?

Also, I own the previous (and latest) version of TP for Mac and iPhone. Is there a discount for us folk?


I keep a very detailed list of activities and events every day at work. One of the things that I had to figure out was my queries. I ended up doing something like this.

            1: @due(2016-01-01)

Then inside that particular day, I use tags for projects that happen a lot. I find it easier when creating my searches. Using Active as a parent project can be very useful because this system allows me to not only record what happened on a particular day, but also serves as a planner of sorts. Once the month is pass I just cut it and paste it unto the Inactive: project corresponding the year. I can do very cool searches and I like how they are presented. I even modified my themes to show different colors and sizes on taskpaper.

Hope this helps. If you have another question or suggestion, let me know.

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I used this Alfred workflow for a while when I had to track work closely.

It uses bash scripts to modify the TaskPaper files, so you don’t have to have TP running (and it will work with TP 2 or 3 since it doesn’t use the app directly at all).

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This is very close to what I figured out for myself. Here’s how I’m managing this:

2:31:57 PM @Project1
- This is a task
This is a note

So long as “this is a task” and “this is a note” is indented, they will be associated with Project1.

So now, I have two ways to read my “journal”:

  1. In a linear fashion, by date and activities spread throughout
  2. By project

So far so good… two ways to mine self-knowledge!

Thanks for the replies folks.

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I was about to reply here and then I started describing my workflow and I decided to post that separately. The ideas were intended to be linked though. How I work (Workflow)

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