Text vs document previews

I think I know the answer to this before asking it, unfortunately. Since TaskPaper is a text machine that is pretty much based on plain text rules with formatting by style sets and tags, a preview of a TP document in a HoudahSpot preview is pretty much going to look like Bean or any other plain text editor. Put another way, it’s going to look terrible, unformulated with margins and tabs all over the place and really ugly to look at.

Is there any way that anyone can suggest where I can get TaskPaper to look like TaskPaper in a preview?

It’s the same way when viewed in a quick look so I am afraid this is a moot question. :frowning:


[quote=“Edvard_Munch, post:2, topic:2923”]
I think this should already be working… if you use the .taskpaper file extension then you should be able to QuickLook it. It will just show as plain text, did you mean you wanted to see syntax highlighted. That would be possible down the road, but is more work. [/quote]

I mean better than plain text, yes. Plain text previews without any formatting whatsoever. If you use quick look at a Pages document and then Bean or any plain text document you can see what I am referencing.

I know. I was referring you to Jesse’s note about changing Quick Look maybe someday. You might want to add your vote to that other thread instead of this thread.