TaskPaper 3.7.7 Preview (317)

  • Added Tag Values to Sidebar to allow quick filtering by tag and tag value


  • Added View > Show Sidebar And Expand Completely
  • Fixes print margins to be smaller
  • Fixes “sentence” command spelling
  • Fixes crash that could occur when using ancestor-or-self:: in search
  • Fixes undo bug where undoing moves might put items at wrong indentation


Reveal a list of all values used with a particular tag

Maybe a Bug or Memory Leak

First of all, let me say that I like the new ability to allow the quick filtering of tasks. I use the “Go to Anything” option for most of my needs, but having that information available is great.

One thing that I notice is that the program slows considerably. That is specially noticeable when going back “Home” after going to a project or running a search. Is that to be expected due to the additional processing power needed to filter the tag and their values?

Thank you Jesse for the new features and the support provided. Have a good day!


Can you email me (jesse@hogbaysoftware.com) a test document that demonstrates the behavior?

I didn’t performance test this feature extensively, but I also didn’t think it would have a huge impact beyond what’s already being done. In my tests (which were just a few tags, each with a few values) it seemed to work well. Maybe I just didn’t have enough tags, or maybe something else is happening that I hadn’t considered.



For some reason the computer I was amplified a minor problem. I don’t know why it was so noticeable at the time, but now it is not bad. The lag is still there when going back to the root directory, but it is not very apparent. I was just used to the almost instantaneous response I had before.

Now, I am struggling with being overwhelmed by all the tag options I have. Part of the problem is that the project themselves are now considered tag options. I wondering what would be the best way to incorporate that.

On one side, the UI implementation and having those tags themselves is a great idea. It truly opens up a new way of organizing tasks, notes, and doing work in TaskPaper.
On the other, I was so used to call a menu and have a couple of curated tags ready to go that all those options are overwhelming when quickly tagging things. Specially since the TaskPaper file I use the most has over 100 projects and subproject whose titles now appear when I try to quickly tag something.

Can this particular new feature be an option? Or maybe the behavior of the tag menu can behave like the Go to Anything... option and show certain categories before others. Right now for example, the Project names are above all the other tags, so even if I am looking for health and I start to type he, those project names that have even an h and a e come before the actual tag I am looking for, @health.

Again, thank you for the releases and the work put into TaskPaper.