Saved Searches Position

I have a group of saved searches and they all get positioned at the top of my sidebar list. Might there be some way to have the saved searches positioned at the bottom rather than the top? (I love TaskPaper, but I’m not a geek so scripting probably isn’t a viable option for me.)

If find it pretty distracting to see saved searches at the top of the sidebar, instead of actual outline of content.

Screenshot shows how searches show up for me.

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Or have an option to remove them from the sidebar entirely, since they already appear in the search field’s popup.


@mattgemmell Yes, that would be fine also.

@jessegrosjean: any ideas about this? Possible to remove from sidebar, or put at bottom rather than top, or offer either/both as options?

Yeah I think this makes sense and expect I’ll get to it in the not too distant future.

I’m just pushing the 3.2 release today. I’ve got a few more bugs that I want to address in a 3.2.1 release. Then I’ll be deciding what’s next in terms of new stuff. The two top vote getters for TaskPaper a integration and Sidebar work. I expect I’ll look into them both for the next feature release.

@jessegrosjean Got it. Sounds good. I had no idea there was a vote page!