No checkboxes or checkmarks after update


I updated this morning to 3.0 and now I no longer see either checkboxes or checkmarks on any of my tasks. Just the dashes. Any advice? I miss those boxes.


I’ve changed the default (and only option for the moment) to dashes. I hope to get some sort of option for checkboxes back in for version 3.0.


Thanks for doing this.


Thumbs up from me for switching the default to a dash. Much cleaner, and more flexible for using taskpaper for list items that use other tags and are not necessarily ever going to get “checked” off.


I use the checkboxes all the time, and prefer them to dashes, at least for to-do, task-centered, or shopping type lists. Dashes are fine for conceptual outlines, where checkboxes would be weird.


Same here. The checkboxes are my preferred method of using Task Paper too. I miss those little boxes and await their return! :smile:


@jessegrosjean Would it be possible to use a webfont such as FontAwesome or similar to style lead and get checkboxes, radio button, checkmarks (whatever the heart desires) that way, rather than you having to hardcore it?


Hi, Any chance we are getting checkboxes back? I really miss them.


Certainly a chance. I actually really liked them too. I’ve probably got one or two more (post 3.0 little fix) releases and then I need to decide what I’ll focus on next. I’m using this page as “one” way to help decide what that will be:

See item “Add ordered and checkbox item types”.