Negate tag in search

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I make use of a @nextaction(date) tag, e.g. @nextaction(2019-05-04).

I’m trying to work out how to search for all task that don’t have a @nextaction tag assigned, but I’m having some trouble working out the syntax. ’ not @nextaction ’ doesn’t seem to work.

Anybody got some pointers please?

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Maybe: //not @nextaction


This seem to give the same result as the ’ not @nextaction ’ query.

I’ve done a little more testing, and @nextaction tags without dates are not being displayed, which is the expected behaviour. I suspect that it is the brackets and date that are not matching the query.

Does anybody know if there is any wildcard characters (* or ?) in the search query syntax that would work here?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think the associated date value should make a difference. Instead it might be just that in your particular document the ones with a date are in a different context (ie they have child items)

Please try:

not @nextaction except @nextaction///*

More discussion on what the above search is doing can be found here:

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Hi Jesse,

That works perfectly…thanks.

Now I have to get my head around “why”. Back to the documentation, I think.