Keyboard shortcut to open in tab?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to open a TaskPaper file in a new tab instead of a new window?

I think File > New Tab (Option-Command-N) is what you want?

Edit: Or maybe not… that opens a new tab… but not a new file in a new tab. There isn’t a shortcut to open a new file in a new tab. I think best you can do is open new file and then Window > Merge All Windows.

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TP Version 3.8.11 Preview (426)
OSX 10.15.6

having just discovered the tab feature from this thread I thought I’d try it out and discovered a curious behaviour.
I merge all windows and then focus in one tab then try to defocus by clicking on the home option in the sidebar it takes me to the home of the document in the other tab. and vice versa

i.e I am unable to unfocus the tabbed document.
any suggestions?



I’m having a hard time reproducing the problem. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Create new document (with default “Welcome” text)
  2. Right click on “Welcome” in the sidebar and choose “Open in new Tab”
  3. Click in sidebar, switch between tabs… all seems well.

Can you try the above (1, 2) steps and then tell me the exact sequence that I need to do to reproduce the problem you see?

apologies if I was unclear.
I am not creating a new document. I am combining two existing documents already populated with content.

  1. drag & drop title bar of A onto title bar B to create new tab. Or or Merge All Windows
  2. focus on project in B
  3. click on home in sidebar
  4. A comes into the foreground. Not defocused B
  5. focus on project in A
  6. return to B
  7. click home in sidebar
    8 B is defocused
  8. return to A
  9. click home in sidebar
  10. B is brought to the foreground.



Thanks for clarifying, I do see this problem now and will see if I can find a fix soon.

I’ve just posted a new preview that I “think” fixes this issue. Please let me know if it’s fixed for you also.