Is TaskPaper 3 a paid upgrade?

Yes, TaskPaper 3 is a paid upgrade.

And in fact since the Mac App Store doesn’t allow upgrades TaskPaper 3 is just a new app with no special upgrade process pricing. If you have an old TaskPaper license and want a discount please email me ( your license or Mac App Store order info and I’ll give you a 50% Off coupon.

Hi Jesse,

I’d like to upgrade to TP 3, and take advantage of your $9.99 price offer to existing users. I’ve been using version 1 for quite a while, but 3 really looks like a good upgrade. My license key is below.


I think you should quickly delete your license key before others (ab)use it.

Generally I would agree, please don’t share TaskPaper keys! :slight_smile:

But this no longer applies to TaskPaper 1 and 2. I no longer support them or sell keys. I actually just posted my own license key for those versions here.

I missed the initial discount phase for two reasons:

  1. having been on holiday, and 2) needed to first upgrade from Mavericks.
    Both are now gone.
    I have a licence for TaskPaper2, though.
    If there is still the option with a 50% Off coupon, how would this work after the Mac App Store order?

Email ( me your TaskPaper 2 info and I’ll send you a coupon code for 50% off.

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I purchased TaskPaper 2 from App Store.
How I can get info and prove my license?

Email me directly ( and I can help you.