iPhone or iPad reader?

Another odd question. Anyone find a way to nicely read these files on iPad or iPhone? I’d loveeee the ability to use this on my other devices potentially even if it’s just a read only for now. To have my files synced or saved on a cloud or iCloud Drive and able to open from one of those devices would be great!

I think you should be able to read Bike files on iOS with anything, like a browser, which can read HTML files.

(The simplest route might be to make a copy with an .html extension, at which point previews should become legible, though more convenient workflows are probably possible )

If you want to be able to edit on iOS, as well as view, then saving your Bike files as OPML would be one solution at this stage.

See: What can I use to open / edit Bike files on iOS/iPad? - Bike - Hog Bay Software Support

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I have a file that I constantly write in or update and I would love to be able to view the updated document as it changes on other devices. Maybe I’ll try to save it in the cloud automatically and view on a browser.

You can change the file extension from .bike to .html and Bike will still be able to read/write it. Save that file to iCloud and then you changes should be sent to iOS as you save, and be viewable since the file has .html extension.


You are the man yet again! thanks!

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be viewable or also editable? :innocent:, :pray:

Someday maybe from me, but not soon.

In the meantime I think your best best be is use .opml or .text outlines and find a compatible app that works on iOS: Bike Compatible Apps - Bike