How does next work? (was: Searching for @due this week?)

New to TaskPaper, and really like it!

I’m searching for a search string that will show me things that are @due (or maybe even that @start) this week.
It seems that this would work:
@due <=[d] next Sunday
but nay, it does not.

On today, which is 2020-06-10, I get this result:

next Sunday should be 2020-06-14, so the last task should not be shown. I also tried next Saturday, in case I was off-by-one, to no avail.

Edit: okay, I might have half-solved it. If I use Sunday instead of next Sunday, it seems to work, but, Monday does not (does not show the task for 2020-06-15, which is Monday), but next Monday does. So it seems I perhaps don’t understand the rules about how next works.

Thanks for any insight!

I struggled understanding dates, which is one of the most powerful features of TaskPaper so I wrote a primer so that I could learn how to use dates. Written from a perspective of someone who had no idea. Give it a quick look and see if this helps.

Primer on using dates


That’s very helpful @Victor, thanks!