Hookmark: Bike Companion

This month Bike is partnering with Hookmark.

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When I first posed this I got the coupon code wrong. The correct code is Bike-Outliner. Sorry for any confusion.

Delighted to partner with this great app! I’m a huge fan of outlining – going way back to the 1980s (outlined my undergraduate and phd theses with More III app) and loving Bike. We @ CogSci Apps have published Using Hookmark with Bike Outliner App by Hog Bay Software for anyone new to Hookmark (or if you want to understand details of the integration and how to configure it).


I haven’t been able to learn how Hookmark survives syncing without cloud-based sync.

My favorite sync method is Chronosync to a USB drive. Further complicating things, my username isn’t the same on my laptop and my desktop.

Anybody know how Hookmark links are synced? If all the sync info the app needs is embedded in the URL, and if it follows relative paths based on username where targets are under the user’s home directory, then my sync methods wouldn’t interfere with Hookmark.

Not sure, but perhaps a question for the Hookmark forum ?

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