Highlight Color > Setting?

A really minor thing, but could you add the ability to set the formatting highlight colour. If I change the text colour, it’s often either visually jarring with the foreground and background colours, or obscures the text. Being able to set this colour along with the foreground and background colours would enable me to set it to whatever colour works for me aesthetically.

I think this wouldn’t fit very well into existing preference setup. If I added this I would also want to add color for caret, color for selection, and that starts to fill up the editor preferences window a lot.

I think I have two possible routes here:

One is that I will eventually allow this type of customization via stylesheet. That’s nice, but quite a bit of work to design, so unlikely to show up soon.

Second is I might redesign settings to accommodate many more options. This would be easier and I’ve already been thinking about doing this, but haven’t quite decided if it’s a good idea.

Anyway color settings will get added, just not sure how or when quite yet.

ok i guess i found my answer. it makes highlighting unusable for me :cry:

This is being solved with stylesheets in Bike 2. Bike 2 is not useable for real work yet, but if you are adventurous you can try out stylesheets now:

Here’s how you would use a different highlight color:

defineRunRule(".@highlight", (env, run) => {
    run.backgroundColor = Color.systemRed()
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