For Quick Entry: why not TaskPaper 2?

This is a question for business users of TaskPaper, NOT for programmers, not for Jesse, etc.

I have purchased TaskPaper several times (3? 4?) for various machines, and I was glad to support the project. At the same time, I really miss the Quick Entry box.

I deleted TaskPaper 2 when I installed TaskPaper3, but the deleted binary (which supports Quick Entry) is still sitting in my Trash.

Is there any good reason (i.e. huge benefit of TaskPaper3) not to revert to TaskPaper2? I am not interested in fiddling with macros and scripts. I need a stable application to support my work, not another tech hobby.


Probably depends on whether outlining and focus help you.

This application is relatively new and it has already been through multiple improvements. I believe that quick entry is part of Jesse’s plan as he has mentioned , but it might take some time to get that implemented.
Would you mind explaining a little bit better what do you use TaskPaper 3 for? I mainly use TaskPaper to keep track of meetings where there are several people involved doing different jobs. I also keep track of some ToDo’s and what I do during the day (mainly for record keeping). I honestly couldn’t go back to TaskPaper 2, but if you miss the quick entry box, you should stick with TaskPaper 2 for the time being.

According to the latest poll, this is something that is very high in Jesse’s priority list.

Yes, this was an obstacle for me, too, but the real benefits for me in TP3 easily outweighed it. Specifically: (1) saved searches and ability to use relative dates like “today + 7days” (which lets me replicate virtually all the perspectives I used to use in OmniFocus) and (2) folding (to hide lower-level detail, e.g. notes on a task)

PS: I know you’re likely not interested in this given your remarks in final para, but just in case someone else might. Despite the advantages of TP3, I still missed the Quick Entry, so I wrote a very simple (near) replacement using Keyboard Maestro. This pops up a dialog box to capture the input then appends it to a dedicated TP Inbox file. This has some advantages over the TP Quick Entry, in that it works without TP having to be running. But also disadvantages, in that I have to manually move the entries from the Inbox file over to my main task management TP file (which I do each morning as part of my planning/task management maintenance routines, arguably little extra effort compared to just moving items to their right place within a single TP document). It’s fairly trivial to do this macro in KM but I can share if you want