DEVONthink Integration


TaskPaper’s new open sourced model layer would be ideal for integrating with DEVONthink. I’ve started a thread on the DT forums, to lobby for native TP document support within DT. Any TP users who also use DT should make their voices heard on this issue. DT is the premier hierarchical document management application on OS X and TP is the premier hierarchical outliner and task management app. If ever there was a natural fit between two applications, this is it!


TaskPaper is a plain text format, so TaskPaper 3 files can already be created and edited in DevonThink.

How are you thinking of using TaskPaper outline structures in DEVONThink ?
(In the case of OPML they are imported as nests of folders)

Perhaps a lighter workflow is to keep the files in DEVONthink and edit them with TaskPaper 3 ?

There is one script here, incidentally, for the DT -> TaskPaper 3 direction:


Yes, I’m aware that TP is plain-text and of course, DT can import plain-text files, but then you still need to open the document in a separate TP application to work with it. I believe one of the main reasons Jesse created the open source model layer was to allow for third-party applications to use TP features natively, rather than simply storing the document.


I don’t know DevonThink that well… but in the post you made in there forum there was some mention of importing OPML into a file/folder hierarchy in devonthing. The birch-outline project would make that sort of thing (but with task paper files) very easy.

On the other hand if you are talking about embedding the TaskPaper editor in devonthink that would be much harder. I’ve open sourced TaskPaper’s model layer, but not the editing layer. If you wanted to recreate a TaskPaper like editor the model layer would be a good starting point, but there would still be lots of other work to do. I don’t know, but I think it would be unlikely that devonthink would want to do that part.