Days to Dates script?

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s a script available where I can tag a task with @due(Monday) and then it would add a tag of the date for that day of the week? Thanks!

Yeah. I believe that there are a couple of scripts that do this. Go check the Theme and scripts Extensions part of the forum where you can find them. I will include a link to that section here too.
This is the script you are probably looking for.

Convert dates

And this is the link to the Scripts section

Themes and Scripts

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Thanks Victor, but I tried that script and it wouldn’t turn any of the days to dates, i.e. @due(Monday) to @due(2020-6-8). I’ve looked through that page and I haven’t found any other scripts that does that either.

I need to add tracking to some of this posts. Sorry for not answering sooner. I am not sure why this is not working for you. I had previously tried this script to do exactly what you needed to do and it worked. Let me give it a try and figure out why is not working.

Honestly, this script is using a TaskPaper api and its dictionary and @complexpoint writes very concise code that is above my limited knowledge. Maybe he can give it a quick look and see why is not working. I will still attempt to figure out why is not working

In the mean time see if you can use dates differently. I wrote a primer sometime ago about using dates in TaskPaper. Here is the link

Using Dates in TaskPaper

Does this work for you ?

Convert parenthesised informal date to (12.4 KB)

A (zipped) Keyboard Maestro macro for TaskPaper triggered by the closing ), it aims to convert any date-like expressions in the tag to a regular ISO 8601 string.

So for example, when we close the parenthesis on @due(next week) we should get an automatic re-write to something like @due(2020-06-08)