Combining TaskPaper with 'Tyme' (for time session tracking)?

It is working great for me. Thanks.

Hey, I’m having trouble getting the “toggle selected task” script to work. No matter what I select in the document, I get the error message telling me to select something. Any ideas why this might be happening?

Tyme2 1.3.0, TP3 3.3.1.

Ver 0.002 above is working here with:

(seems later than the copy you are running, I notice)


  • The usual first check is to make sure that copy-pasting has caught all line from start to end
  • After that, my next question might be about how you are selecting and launching the script

(I’m just placing a cursor in the relevant line - not, for example, extending the selection).

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The first thing I should note which I didn’t prior is that I am using the trial version of Tyme. Given that it’s a time-based trial (hah) I wouldn’t think there would be any major code differences, but it looks like the trial version is a slightly earlier build.

That said, the issue is that I was using the earlier version of the script. So… that’s on me.

That said, however, the newer version of the script gives me a different issue. If I focus on a task (just have my cursor in the line) it gets added to my tyme list if it’s not already there, along with the project (nice touch, btw) but the timer does not start. I’m triggering the script using Alfred.

but the timer does not start

I wonder if you are being misled by the granularity of Tyme2’s time-elapsed display (minutes rather than seconds).

It stays at 00:00 for a minute before moving to 00:01

As long as the icon at left is a red circle (rather than white triangle) the timer has started.

If you are not seeing the red timer circle, then I will be able to help you with the Tyme2 version that I am running, but a trial version really introduces too many unknowns :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely not seeing the red circle.

Yeah, I’m assuming this is an issue with the trial, then. Shame, because the only real reason to try Tyme for me was the taskpaper integration. Feel like writing a script for toggl integration? :slight_smile:

Feel like writing a script for toggl integration?

Tyme2 serves me well, thanks :slight_smile:

‘toggl’ ?
having googled that string (I don’t think you gave a link), I’m guessing that it might be this web service -, which, if it proves scriptable at all, would have to be approached by injecting JavaScript into the web page. Tricky and fragile, might well not be feasible at all.

Yes, I didn’t bother including the link to emphasize that I was kidding. I assumed it would be challenging unto infeasibility, and I wouldn’t actually ask for that much unpaid effort.

Sorry my humor was a bit too dry to be apparent! And thanks for your help and all the great scripting you do do.



Either because of newish Tyme (Tyme 2 1.5.4 (2031) or shiny new Taskpaper (Version 3.5 (275)) but now getting

“The action “Run JavaScript” encountered an error.”

Any help gratefully received as usual :slight_smile:

Midnight approaching this timezone, but I’ll take a look tomorrow evening :slight_smile:

Ah – may be a quick fix.

I’ve edited it (above) to be unaffected by a small change in the TaskPaper application id.

Ver .003

Wow - that’s almost faster than autorespond!!! :smiley:

Fixed it for me, so a LIfe Saver - thanks. (Again!)

Seems to push every task to Misc. (not sure why - assume that’s something Tyme has b0rked by changing a property name or something in their scripting. So if you get a chance to fix (ie if it’s fairly trivial) that would be great but at least I’m able to carry on tracking straight out of Taskpaper - for which many thanks again.

Could you tell me more about the allocation to Miscellaneous which you are seeing ?

(I am finding here that tasks get grouped in Tyme2 by the name of their parent project)

(I assume that you are indenting your tasks under a project line, rather than simply following project lines with unindented task lines ? The TaskPaper engine sees a task which just follows a project, at the same level of indent, as a parentless (miscellaneous, if you like) peer of the project, rather than as a child or member of it).

(For example, clicking on the left hand circle of a project only collapse/expands actually indented children of the project)

( But I may well be missing something else )

PICNIC (Well PASDNIC - Problem at standing desk not in Computer) :slight_smile:

Works perfectly.

Exactly as you surmised.

I had been playing around with style sheets - then setting up Projects (:slight_smile: folowed with straight unordered list (ie just a dash, no indent. (Engaged wrong Autopilot))

Thanks for pointing out my ineptitude :smiley:

No ineptitude at all :slight_smile:

I think the convention you were using goes back to very early days of TaskPaper, but was dropped, after a while, in favour of a more consistently tab-indented model of outlining.

Hi complexpoint,

Have you switched to Tyme 3 yet? Are you using this on tyme 3?


(no, I’m afraid the value no longer added up for me when it became a subscription service)

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