Bike is failing to paste Hookmark link

On a related link topic, i cannot seem to paste Hook links into Bike. If i try it strips the link out. If unfamiliar with links from hook they are in the form (e.g.) hook://file/c8rld6GVs?p=Y29tfmFwcGxlfk51bWJlcnMvRG9jdW1lbnRz&n=AC548%2Enumbers
This is a link to a numbers file. If I paste into omnioutliner, or apple notes not problem. If it is pasted into Bike, it just strips out the link all together and the title is inserted as plain text.
I also cannot edit the name of links in Bike currently without it stripping out the link altogether and leaving plain text. Anyone else having similar issues?

I’ve moved to a new topic…

This seems to be working for me under these conditions:

  1. I copy the link from your above post
  2. I’m working in a .bike formatted Bike outline
  3. I select some text in Bike, and then I paste
  4. The link is attached the the selected text

Or alternatively:

  1. I copy the link from your above post
  2. I’m working in any Bike outline format
  3. I have Bike > Settings > Autocorrect > Use smart links selected
  4. I paste into the outline without first selecting any text in Bike
  5. The link text is inserted and highlighted blue

Can you tell me if those scenarios work for you? And if so what you were doing differently that wasn’t working. Thanks!

FWIW if I use this in plain text format, all I’m getting is the filename but no link (makes sense since it’s plain text?) if pasting directly from Hook’s clipboard, but I get a normal blue link when pasting something that’s actually a URL.

Thanks for looking at it. If I follow either of your two conditions the behaviour I am seeing is working how you describe (i.e. copying the link from my post).
What I am doing.

  1. Going to my numbers file on my mac
  2. Invoking hook application and obtaining link with command - c which puts the link on clipboard
  3. Pasting into my bike outliner (I have same autocorrect settings as you describe)
  4. Receives only plain text in this case the title of the file which is “AC548.numbers”
  5. Pasting into a Apple Notes results in the raw link/URL (not formatted with title) but it works
  6. Pasting into Omnioutliner results in the desired behaviour i.e. the title “AC548.numbers” is pasted into the document and the link is inserted and works. Also receives link correctly in Word docx.
  7. I also cannot simply copy a link with a contextual menu from Omnioutliner and paste into bike (only plain text received) but this works for example in Notes and Word

Any suggestions appreciated.


Ok, I see the problem. In that case the link is being put on the clipboard in a way that’s incompatible with how I’m reading. I can fix on my side and will make a new release soon.


I think this is fixed in latest preview release. Please try and verify that it works for you too:

Hi Jesse, thank you for working on this. I am sorry though, the behaviour hasn’t changed for me, and when I paste in links either via Hookmark or using the contextual menu in omnioutliner document and copying the link, I still only get plain text and no link.


Can you tell me the exact steps you are doing again. For me I am:

  1. Using Bike 1.18.1 (170) Preview
  2. Open Spreadsheet in Numbers
  3. Use Control-H to invoke Hookmark (6.0.1) popup.
  4. Use Command-C to copy Hookmark link
  5. Use Command-V to paste into Bike

The are two variations in results:

  1. If I past into a Bike outline that is saved in plain text format then I see a link pasted like hook://file/cBb7vu3ee?p=amVzc2Vncm9zamVhbi9EZXNrdG9w&n=junk%2Enumbers
  2. If I paste into a Bike outline format that can store rich text (such as .bike) then I see a rich text link pasted.

Can you tell me where things go different for you?


Hi Jesse,

I am doing the same (pasting into .bike file, using Hookmark 6.0.1, and using Bike 1.18.1 170), I think this is a paste and match style issue. If I command-v, then get plain text because that shortcut is set to edit > paste and match style and the link is stripped out (in the edit menu of bike, the shortcut cmd-v is for paste and match style), if use edit > paste, then get a rich text link. Those are the default shortcuts I assume? I don’t recall ever changing those shortcuts, so presume comes out of the box like that?

I don’t think so, I think your defaults must have got changed. On my computer I see the standard:

  • Command-V = Paste
  • Option-Shift-Command-V = Paste and Match Style

Maybe you already know, but search in system settings for “Keyboard” and then click the “Keyboard Shortcuts” button… and then in that panel click “App Shortcuts” and (finally) the customization should be under “Bike” or “All Applications”.

I think :), let me know if that was the problem.

Hi Jesse, I was playing around with Bike outline today, and am convinced the behaviour was unexpected shortcut setting to paste and match style. I don’t know why it was like that, may be I had changed it and somehow overlooked that. Thank you for looking at this in any case.

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