Bike 1.4 Preview (65) "Rich Text"

Code is cool. ⌘⇧C.

Yeah that probably makes sense. I hesitate because I’m already using that shortcut for Copy Link, but I expect that’s used by very few people at this point. Code likely a few more.

What would highlight look like? “Mark” could confuse some folks.

Highlight will do some form of draw a yellow background for default styling. I think I’ll continue to use “Highlight”. And @complexpoint has convinced me … I’ll rename to use Bold and Italic for the other menu items. Not care so much about trying to map to element names.


<blockquote> (or <q> inline) ?

I personally use that kind of semantics quite a lot, and it’s a standard part of the MD repertoire, for what that’s worth, but maybe that can be done by a row style and custom attribute ?

it’s the most remarkable tool that we’ve ever come up with, and it’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds – Steve Jobs

<blockquote> (or <q> inline) ?

I didn’t remember q. Is that supported by Markdown or any other macOS/HTML tools?

I do want to add row level blockquote, but that will require stylesheets first.

maybe that can be done by a row style and custom attribute ?

I think this will be built in and also encoded in Bike file format as an element. Right now the file format only has one block level element p. I think (not sure) that block level elements such as heading, blockquote, etc will be represented by using a different element tag. And then in stylesheet tag can be referenced. That’s my current idea anyway.

No – I don’t think <q> ever got much traction – a row level blockquote style is all that you would need, I think.

I would vote for ⌘⇧J. Things uses ⌘⇧J and iA Writer ⌘J (don’t have a link for the second app)

Thanks for links. My hesitation with ⌘⇧J is that it seems like such a useful/easy shortcut in general, I feel like it would be wasted on “code” which is a lowly formatting feature.

I am now trying out ⌘⇧` for now, where the character is the impossible for me to figure out how to write markdown syntax for “code”. It’s not super easy to type the shortcut, but it’s easy to remember since association with markdown.

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I use Keyboard Maestro mostly for text expansion for similar reasons. It’s not quite as great as a dedicated expansion utility, but it does so many other things it’s still the solution I would recommend.


@jessegrosjean Could we allow the formatting actions / shortcut to operate on a whole line when we are in “ESC” mode?

Yes, that’s the way I expect it to work, just haven’t implemented yet.

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