Adapt (the automatically generated) header and footer text?


When I print a TP3 document, a header appears, with “untitled” on LHS, and the date and time on the RHS. The footer includes page numbers.

Is it possible to edit the header and footer? I cannot find such a possibility anywhere…

Thank you,


That’s for catching that… always showing “untitled” was a bug. I’ve just fixed that for the next release. There isn’t anyway to customize the header and footer though I may add an option to just turn it off. What did you have in mind?


Turning it off would be ok.
Otherwise, what I had in mind was either the filename in the header, or any text that can be entered for a given file (hence file specific without a preset rule).
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I’ve added an on/off preference for the next release.


Wonderful! Thank you Jesse,


Can the on/off switch be applied separately to the “title” and date/time headers? It would be nice to have the date on top of a document.


FWIW, if you are interesting in experimenting with printing your TaskPaper 3 documents through Marked 2, you will find the following panel under Marked 2 > Preferences > Export


Thank you, I may go for that.